Program Overview

This Bachelor of Marketing program requires 8 semesters spread over four years, including general education courses and Marketing course work.

This program is based on the high standards of leading American universities.


The Bachelor of Marketing program is designed to train students to have basic knowledge about management; business administration; marketing; analytical skills, problem solving skills and how to apply marketing into business activities. Moreover, students can also meet the requirements in the competitive business environment of the global market. The program will provide students with skills in organizing, managing market research activities; designing and implementing market and product development strategies, price fixing strategies, distribution, advertising, promotion…

Students will approach a variety of practical situations in business and economic activities. After the completion of this program, students will be deeply aware of all types of marketing in business environments and be able to meet varied demands from the workplace.

To achieve the Bachelor’s degree of the program taught in the Vietnamese language, students must complete all the courses in the Bachelor of Marketing program and achieve a TOEIC score of 500.

After the first two years of the program taught in English language, students can complete their bachelor's degree at The Saigon International University or can transfer to Suffolk University - Boston, America.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration major in Foreign Trade, students may pursue M.A and Ph.D programs at leading universities in America, UK, Australia or Canada etc.

Transferring conditions depend on the policies of each university.

Career Relevance

After graduating from The Saigon International University, students can work for Vietnamese or foreign organizations.

As the economy continues to grow, the demand of the work force with knowledge and various skills in this sector will increase. This bachelor program equips students with the necessary skills to be able to succeed in organizations or enterprises in a wide variety of fields.

With the international standard knowledge and skills equipped at The Saigon International University, graduates will have promising career prospects in trading cities in Vietnam and around the world.


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