Business English

Program Overview: Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in English Language

This Bachelor of English program requires 8 semesters of study spread over 4 years, including general education courses and English course work.

This program is based on the high standards of leading American universities.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in English Language at The Saigon International University offers two majors to study: Business English and English Language Teaching.

Business English

Students in Business English will be familiarized with specialized knowledge and terminologies in English related to economics, such as commerce, business and tourism. Furthermore, the program will focus on English-to-Vietnamese and Vietnamese-to-English translation and interpretation skills for official papers and documents used in enterprises.

Students will be equipped with skills in communication, presentation, persuasion, negotiation, problem solving, teamwork, and working under high pressure. In addition, students will have the opportunity to accumulate knowledge and practical work skills through business courses and internship, thereby becoming more adaptable to the globalized work environment in multinational companies and corporations.

Career Relevance

Graduates of the Business English program will be able to undertake the following positions:

• Translators and interpreters at translation firms, media companies, news agencies, publishers, diplomatic agencies and businesses.

• Staff member working for public relation department in companies, as well as cultural, educational, and economic agencies in Vietnam and abroad.

• Customer relation of foreign sector in enterprises.

• Staff member in charge of translating and interpreting documents for companies and businesses.

• Receptionist at restaurants, hotels, and resorts of international standards.

• Tour guide for foreign tourists.


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