Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Psychology is the studies of the structure and function of mental activities, in relation to behaviors associated with them. Psychology builds the foundation and plays a critical role in the fields of education, healthcare, security, society, sports, economics and more. Psychologists not only play an essential role in the society, they also take on other important positions such as consultants in the fields of economics, politics, foreign affairs, security and defense, etc.

The Psychology Program – with a specialization in Psychotherapy and Counseling at The Saigon International University (SIU) was founded while psychology is becoming increasingly sought after and widely applied in various fields in Vietnam, with growing needs for human resources – especially in therapy and counseling. With new breakthroughs in the training program, the Psychotherapy and Counseling major of SIU aims to provide high quality human resources, with comprehensive professional attitudes, ethics and competency, as well as a mindset for global integration and lifelong learning.

Program Insights

The Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology - Psychotherapy and Counseling major at SIU is based on the standards of leading specialized universities in the United States and Canada. It is outfitted with the most holistic knowledge regarding application-oriented psychology in order to equip students with professional practices in counseling, therapy, research, human resources management in business, market research, and other relevant areas. The program provides students with a variety of knowledge and skills to apply to all contexts and work collaboratively with different individuals or client groups.

The Psychology Program - Psychotherapy & Counseling major’s curriculum, in combination with other programs of complementary fields, also creates distinct versatility, giving students a competitive edge. Students may also pursue a variety of electives to gain knowledge in areas of personal interests and/or job requirements: social psychology, communication psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, occupational psychology, and managerial psychology, etc.

The program provides students with opportunities for practical experience in hospitals, counseling and psychotherapy centers, human resources management centers, businesses, and schools, etc., honing and developing career skills (analysis, information assessment, communication, consultation, teamwork, scientific work organization and arrangement, creative thinking, etc.) through course work and extracurricular activities, especially advanced lectures and seminars by leading professors, PhDs, and experienced lecturers, etc.

Career Prospects

Graduates with the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at SIU will have diverse career choices in many fields: medical, healthcare, education, marketing, human resources, training, policy, and community services, etc. Graduates of psychology may also pursue a career in research, as well as developing new strategies for improving psychological function. Psychological research not only helps one become an expert in human behaviors, but also provides them with necessary skills to make positive impacts on others’ lives.

In addition to studying a wide range of aspects in psychology, students of Psychology at SIU will be equipped with important research methods and soft skills, such as statistical analysis, evaluation, and data synthesis, etc. advantageous to professions in different fields.


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