Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

CThe Industrial Revolution 4.0 is opening up a new era - an era of digital technology, globalization, and development opportunities for all industries and fields, with the impact on accounting being the clearest. However, with opportunities also come many challenges regarding technological accessibility and information security, and most importantly the training for human resources to meet societal demands.

The Accounting Program of The Saigon International University (SIU) is conceived with the goal of delivering high-quality human resources, proficient in English and technology, highly adaptable to Vietnam’s businesses, organizations, as well as multi-national corporations in the Accounting industry or other relevant sectors.

Program Insights

The Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at SIU is designed in accordance with the standards of leading specialized universities in the United States, providing in-depth knowledge and skills to guide learners in self-improvement for The 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

The program provides learners with the legal framework of accounting and auditing, a system of standards for accounting in Vietnam and around the globe, knowledge in collecting, processing, inspecting, providing information on financial status & business performance through professional training, as well as professional ethics of accounting and auditing, etc. The program aims to build a foundation for students to develop themselves to become experts in the ever-growing global economy.

Students will be equipped with accounting and auditing skills, along with soft skills, a profound knowledge of technology and foreign languages, effective communication skills, and professionalism in dealing with clients and colleagues in the working environment.

Career Prospects

Graduates with the Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from SIU will have both basic and specialized knowledge of accounting and auditing (as well as related business fields such as Finance and Business Administration), a clear grasp of issues related to international accounting and auditing, and the ability to apply the basic knowledge creatively and innovatively to solve diverse problems in their professions.

Students will also be equipped with necessary professional skills: teamwork, leadership and management skills, fluent English in communication and task completion, and deep understanding of technological application in accounting information systems.

With the accumulated knowledge and skills, graduates will be able to find work in many different positions, such as accountants, auditors, cost controllers, financial analysts, professional tax advisors, risk analysts, banking specialists, and fund managers, etc. at major accounting firms, government agencies, banks, financial institutions, and large corporations around the world.


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