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While studying at SIU, students are encouraged to take part in group activities. It is an advantage for students when applying for foreign universities, domestic and foreign companies. Group activities will help students to accumulate experience from many sources of information. It also helps students to improve their communicative skills, critical thinking, career management and leadership ability in the future. Students can determine their activities in the following areas: society, education, culture, art, sport, community, charity, etc…

After voting the group committee, each group must present their project or working plan before the school’s board.

Club formation

  1. - The number of group members: from 5 to 8 students. The group leader is elected by group members.
  2. - Ways of election: Voting
    • Voting is conducted at every midterm
    • Term duration: one year
    • One person cannot serve as a group leader for more than one term
  3. - Selection criteria for group leader: A group leader must have good communication skills, cordial relationships with the members in a group, and problem solving and management skills. The group leader is also in charge of building the group targets, presiding over the meetings, monitoring the implementation progress of assigned tasks, analyzing difficulties and fixing the shortcomings. The leader is the group’s representative and assigns tasks for each member.
  4. - Students must register to join group activities in the first month of each academic year.
  • The effectiveness of group activities is evaluated in the last week of the academic year
    - Criteria for group evaluation
    • Leadership ability
    • Planning ability
    • Devotion ability
    • Persuasion ability
  • Grading system: A (4.0), B (3.0), C (2.0), D (1.0). Students must achieve at least grade C to be granted the certificate of group participation.
  • The Saigon International University will issue a certificate of group participation and group work achievement for each group member.
  • Group operation: regular group meetings will be held based on the following principles: not for benefit of a specific individual, but for the whole group; for studying purposes only, abidance by The SIU’s regulations and laws of Vietnam. The groups decide the time and place for their activities and the group fees. The group are responsible for matters relating to group activities.

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