Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is the amalgamation of information technology and business management. This discipline focuses on the design, administration and operation of information systems; collecting and analysing data, connecting stakeholders in organizations and enterprises with IT experts; helping businesses come up with development strategies, assemble information systems, and deploy technology applications to improve productivity and management efficiency.

The Management Information Systems industry is in great demand of human resources specializing in information systems to help renew management mechanism, reform administration, improve economic management, and business administration, etc., getting ready for the international integration trends. The Management Information Systems program at The Saigon International University (SIU) aims to provide the latest, most comprehensive and specialized knowledge to help learners adapt in the integration period, while also meeting the increasing demand for human resources in this ever-changing world.

Program Insight

The Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at SIU was based on the standards from leading universities in the United States.

The curriculum provides students with a solid background in administrative functions in agencies, organizations and enterprises; in-depth knowledge of design, operation, development of information systems, database management, professional analysis, and software solution consultation for business administration enterprises.

Students enrolled in the Management Information Systems program at SIU will be equipped with necessary skills in data collecting, analysing, processing; consulting, planning, constructing, and implementing management information system projects; assessing, evaluating, and managing information systems in enterprises, etc. In addition, students will acquire problem solving skills related to information systems, and other necessary social skills to work effectively in multicultural environments or international organizations.

Career Prospects

Graduates of Management Information Systems at SIU will be able to apply their knowledge in managing and creating IT applications to the operations of organizations and enterprises; solving problems related to data mining, data security, risk management, statistics, forecasting, decision making, etc.

Graduates of the Management Information Systems program can apply for various positions, such as administration specialist in ERP resource management system or commercial transaction systems; online commerce developer at companies and enterprises; chief information officer, E-Marketing director; IT researcher at research institutes; IT lecturers at universities, colleges and high schools.


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