English Language Teaching

Program Overview: Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in English Language

This Bachelor of English program requires 8 semesters of study spread over 4 years, including general education courses and English course work.

This program is based on the high standards of leading American universities.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in English Language at The Saigon International University offers two majors to study: Business English and English Language Teaching.

English Language Teaching

In addition to the required knowledge of English for teaching, students will be equipped with basic pedagogical knowledge in education studies, educational psychology, teaching theory, and teaching practice. Students will be familiarized with modern English teaching methods and skills, and be able to incorporate technology into teaching based on the models from developed countries.

Students majoring in English Language Teaching will be given opportunities to observe and practice teaching at schools or private foreign language centers, putting their acquired skills and knowledge to practice while gaining more experience for future career.

Career Relevance

With a solid foundation of knowledge and necessary skills learned from the English Language Teaching program, students will be able to undertake the following positions upon graduation:

• Teachers of English at schools and private English language centers.

• Counsellor, coordinator and trainer at private English language centers, universities, research institutes, and educational institutions and companies.

• Specialist in English training and testing departments in Vietnam and overseas.

• Specialist in English language teaching programs and teaching methods in educational institutions.

Furthermore, students majoring in English Language Teaching will also have their professional skills sharpened for many other positions in companies with foreign sectors.


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