Computer Science program

Program Overview

This Bachelor of Computer Science program requires 8 semesters of study spread over four years, including general education courses and Computer Science course work.

This program is based on the high standards of leading American universities.


Upon completion of this program, students will achieve a B.A degree in computer science. This program combines theory with a practical application in computer science. It equips students with the knowledge and skills required to adapt themselves to the world of information technology.

Computer science graduates will not only be proficient in programming languages, but also able to develop computer systems, construct software programs, design and evaluate information processing systems. In addition, this bachelor of Computer Science program will equip students with additional necessary skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and analytical designing.

To achieve a B.A degree for the program taught in the Vietnamese language, students must complete this Computer Science program anh achieve a TOEIC score of 500.

After the first two years of the program taught in English language, students can complete their bachelor’s degree at The Saigon International University or can transfer to Suffolk University – Boston, America.

Students who decide to continue on with an M.A or a Ph.D. will be accepted at any of the leading universities in America, UK, Australia or Canada etc.

Transferring conditions depend on the policies of each university.

Career Relevance

The rapid development of the IT industry has changed the world considerably. Information technology has entered every field such as trade, industry, culture, entertainment and social life, which impacts on the development of the world. Because of this, students with English fluency for this program are in great demand.

Upon completion of this Computer Science program from The Saigon International University, students can work for governmental or non-governmental organizations as well as economic-industrial companies in Vietnam and overseas.

With the international standard knowledge and skills equipped at The Saigon International University, undergraduates will have a promising future career and happiness in big cities in Vietnam and around the world.


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