Computer Network and Communication

Computer Network and Communication

Computer networks have become a pivotal factor in information exchange between individuals, organizations, and businesses around the globe, as well as playing an essential role in business management, operation, and production activities. The omnipresence of the Internet in everyday life has also brought about the rapid development of computer networks. We surf the web, check e-mails, make VoIP calls and organize a video conference call via computers. All these applications are made possible through networking of computers. Never before have the building and managing of computer networks been considered of the utmost importance, as they are now.

Computer Network and Communications studies the principles, designs, construction, operation, and management of computer networks, from internal to global ones; user management; and supervision and coordination of activities relevant to the entire network system. Students of this major are also able to master common applications such as e-mails, file transfer, information communication, or advanced technologies such as cloud computing, grid computing, distributed computing, data center construction and operation, and information system security.

The Computer Network and Communications major is attracting a lot of attention in the age of technological revolution as the need for more human resources in this field continually grows. Having a curriculum designed with care, SIU’s Computer Network and Communications program aims to equip the students with the latest and advanced knowledge, both general and specialized, for adaptability in the globalization context, helping them meet the increasing demands for human resources in our ever-changing world.

Program Insight

The Computer Network and Communications program at the Saigon International University (SIU) is based on the standards of leading specialized universities in the U.S., being regularly updated with the latest advances in computer and data communication.

The program provides foundational knowledge about computer networks, communication technology, cybersecurity, network management, wireless networks, network analysis and design, network programming, mobile communication, multimedia parallel computing and distributed programming, etc.

Students will also gain deeper insights about how computer networks (from internal ones like LAN to the global Internet) are constructed, and how these are instrumental in information exchange and communication via computers; how relevant classes and protocols are utilized in the networks; and how to develop network applications – those that many are dependent on in their daily lives.

In addition, students will acquire the basics of mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences & humanities, and foreign language, as well as learning about the latest achievements in science and technology for self-research and self-learning for the advancement of society.

Career Prospects

Computer Network and Communications has a wide and profound impact on all aspects of modern life. Therefore, employment opportunities abound as almost all organizations and businesses need a team of network managers for maintenance as well as protection against risks and damages to the entire system.

Graduates of Computer Network and Communications from SIU will be able to enjoy a career at multiple positions: network designer; network system operation, management, and security specialist; mobile and wireless network application developer; designer and developer of communication applications (VoIP, video conference); specialist in network design, software development, and network operation insurance in businesses and offices.


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