Bachelor of Design in Digital Media Design

Bachelor of Design in Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design is the academic discipline aimed at exploring design technologies used for multimedia platforms, mobile devices, and virtual reality. The program gives students opportunities to access new technologies and design trends in the current market to help express their ideas and exercise their creativity through vivid digital products.

Program Insight

The Bachelor of Design in the Digital Media Design program at The Saigon International University combines various aspects of art, communication, business and digital media. The philosophy of the program is to help students master new technologies, stay up to date with the latest design trends, and develop personal and professional skills to succeed as professional digital designers.

Students will learn from professors with great expertise in graphic design, photography, publishing, video producing, visual and audio effects, interactive technology, animation, web design, and mobile media design.

Students in this program will develop advanced skills and technical competencies in drawing, illustration, graphic design, and color and computer applications. These skills and competencies will help students build a solid foundation for a career in publishing, graphic design, web design, multimedia, art administration, copywriting, and many other professions in relation to arts, design and digital media.

Students will become experts in the art of multimedia communication through the use of the latest technologies, tools and software.

Career Prospects

Graduates of Digital Media Design at SIU will be fully equipped with necessary knowledge, creativity, and technical skills for various career choices within the media industry, such as graphic designer, video producer, game developer, visual effects specialist, stage designer, and marketing specialist.


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