The University Entrance Rules For the diploma to bachelor’s degree program

The University Entrance Rules For the diploma to bachelor’s degree program

Before students enroll as SIU students, they must read and accept the following regulations:

  1. Students must carefully observe and make sure they have a good knowledge of the University’s facilities, teaching equipment, learning equipment and certificate awards before enrolling in the University.
  2. Students need to have a passing announcement and submit full and updated files according to the University regulation of the admission file list.
  3. Students must complete and take responsibility to give correct and precise information of themselves in the application and entrance forms. The University will receive student’s application within 15 days from the day the University sends the passing announcement to students (based on their post-code). The University will deny the application if the files required are submitted late. Only students have permission to enroll, withdraw files or contact the University regarding any problems relating to the students.
  4. The University will deny the application of students if the files required are unfulfilled, dishonest, late and lack of basic conditions in regulations.
  5. The students must respect and not interfere with the training methods and labor process which the University believes to improve the effect of education.
  6. According to the regulations of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, all SIU students must study political education, national defense education and physical education, taught in Vietnamese by Vietnamese lecturers.
  7. Students must submit their medical history form proving that students meet medical conditions to study. Medical history forms need to be supplied by a provincial hospital or general hospital. New medical history forms must be submitted 01 (one) week before the commencement of new academic year.
  8. In medical emergencies, SIU is allowed to find solutions, ways of treatment or move students to the nearest hospital before contacting their parents or guardians.
    SIU recommends that students buy medical insurance. Students pay for any medical service beyond SIU’s ground.
  9. SIU issues only one official and original transcript of records when students graduate. If for any reason students request an additional transcript he/ she will pay the fee of 50. 000 VND for each.
  10. Students must complete paying all fees (i.e. medical service, development, graduation practice, thesis upholding, graduation ceremony, exam retake, course retake (if any)),… during their time studying at SIU.
  11. The tuition fee and other fees may increase annually. The increasing rate will depend on economical fluctuation, inflation, or the government policies. SIU has the right to determine the tuition fee and other fees of the SIU training programs without advance notice.
  12. The tuition and other fees refund policies:
    • 75% refund if students decide to withdraw his/her application before the start date of the course.
    • 50% refund if students decide to withdraw his/her application within ten days (including holidays and Sundays) after the start date of the course.
  13. No refund policy
    If students decide to withdraw his/her application after ten days (including holidays and Sundays) since the course starts.
  14. When students pay the course fee, they must also pay the development fee and medical fee. The course fee includes the costs of test papers, scrap paper, internet access and E-library; it does not include the costs of textbooks, reference books, photocopied materials at the students’ request, the fee to access foreign E-libraries, outdoor activities, studying abroad and other potential fees.
  15. No amount of money will be refunded due to student vacations, national holidays, Lunar calendar New Year holiday, natural disasters, epidemics, economic upheaval or wars. All grade reports for students and other students’ rights are extended or provided by SIU only on the condition that all the course fees and other fees are completely and fully paid.
  16. Students must pay tuition and all the other fees according to the regulations of The Saigon International University for each semester two (02) weeks before the start of the new semester.
    If students fail to fully and completely pay all fees as regulated, then they will not be permitted to register for courses in the new semester and they alone will be responsible for any loss in their right to study and loss of their other related services without having any right to complain of such loss.
    Students understand that nonpayment of all course fees and all the other fees is a violation of the University’s regulations and the result is that students have not completed their obligations to the University.
    Therefore, students must agree that if they do not completely and fully pay tuition and all the other fees according to the regulations of the University, they acknowledge that they will not be qualified for the right to study at the University, nor qualified to receive any other service of the university, such as the right to attend classes, to take exams, to consult the health service, to use computer and library service, to speak with lecturers or to graduate.  Also, students who fail in their obligation to fully pay all fees due to the university will not be provided with the human development services and knowledge acquisition that are the twin goals of the University in creation of educational results essential to expectations of our society.
    Students whose fees are paid after the final, extended date agreed or allowed will receive credits for completed coursework following the next semester or at such earlier time as the University may be able in its sole discretion to update their official records. If any increase in tuition or any other fee occurs before the time students begin a new course for which they have registered, students must pay the increased tuition or other fees.
  17. Students must abide by the annual calendar schedule of the University, the University regulations of industriousness, professional knowledge and discipline.
  18. Students must observe the students notice and abide by all of these regulations. The University will not solve any cases in which students do not observe the students notice for any reason after the notice is put up. All announcements are posted on the university’s notice board and on the university’s website.
  19. Students must comply with the teacher’s requirements throughout the duration of the course.
  20. Students must preserve the University’s conditions of facilities, teaching and learning equipments and service. Students have to compensate for any damage caused by themselves (base on the current market price).
  21. SIU is allowed to use students’ photographs for the University’s training and developing purpose at no charge for the University.
  22. Students who bring food into the campus must ensure that they act in a hygienic manner. Students can only eat or drink in the Coffee shop. Bringing food and drink into any other areas of the campus is forbidden.
  23. SIU will not take responsibility for any risks, damages, losses or accidents the students may incur whilst in the care of the SIU.
  24. Students preserve their study equipments and personal property by themselves. The University will not take responsibility for any damages or loss of students’ property.
  25. SIU assigns uniform in physical - defense education classes and extra-curricular activities (students must register to buy uniform at least 2 weeks before the course starts); SIU does not assign uniform for other classes; however, dress should be smart-casual. Otherwise, students are not allowed to enter and they will be responsible for their unreasonable absence.
  26. Students are asked to show their student card when entering and exiting the university campus. Without the student card, students may not be allowed to enter the campus.
  27. SIU is a non-smoking educational environment, so smoking is not permitted in the campus.
  28. Students are not allowed to bring to the university campus anything that may cause impact on others’ safety (i.e. knife, scissors, sharp objects, or any forbidden good.) If a student breaks this rule, he/she will be forced to leave the university without any complaint afterwards.
  29. Students who wish to take their friends or family members to the campus must first obtain permission from the Chief Supervisor.
  30. Students are responsible for finding their own accommodation and paying fees for parking during their study time at SIU.
  31. Students must commit to and strictly carry out the university regulations, the technical regulations, studying regulations,… as well as and the university information. The task of careful reading, clearly understanding and signing the University Entrance Rules is one of the compulsory conditions to all the students who enroll for the new academic year. Students will not be allowed to enroll for the new academic year if they have not signed the updated University Entrance Rules that are updated each year.

The University Entrance Rules are updated each academic year. At least 01 (one) week before the commencement of courses and at the students’ registration for the course credits in the new academic year, all the students (both returning students and freshmen) of The Saigon International University must sign the updated University Entrance Rules for the new academic year. The updated University Entrance Rules for the new academic year completely replace the old University Entrance Rules and only the updated University Entrance Rules for the new academic year are applicable to that academic year. Students must pledge to follow the University Entrance Rules that they sign with the SIU.
The university will respond to students’ sincere suggestions, requests and ideas when made with a sense of contribution through the suggestion book in the main office.
SIU has the right to determine matters beyond the university regulations according to its nature.

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