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Alexandria library plays an important part in SIU’s organization. It’s considered to be the second amphitheatre for students, where students, teachers and staff can find various materials and diverse information. It greatly contributes to improving teaching quality at the university.

Objectives, Function, Mission


Based on school’s general development strategy, Alexandria Library is well run aiming to inspire and satisfy knowledge and information needs for students, staff, and lecturers, which creates a fertile information environment. The university is constantly improving and upgrading its modern facilities to better meet readers’ demand, to efficiently serve the education mission and scientific researches.


Alexandria Library provides students with abundant information in different fields such as economics, culture, science, education, business and society…, enhancing teaching and learning activities, training and science research activities for students, professors and staff. Another function of Alexandria library is organizing, controlling, collecting and preserving different materials like books, newspapers, tapes, CDs, theses, and the school’s magazines.


The first mission of the Alexandria Library is to research, propose actions, policies, and plans to develop information sources in different areas with the purpose of responding to training and researching demands at school.

The second mission is to take responsibility for maintaining the information sources. The third mission is to help students, professors and staff best utilize the information sources in the library.

And the last mission of SIU library is to catalog and collect materials.


Traditional library

Alexandria library has a total of 7,140 books including 3,042 English books and 4,098 Vietnamese books. They are textbooks, reference books, bachelor's theses, scientific research works, dictionaries and magazines…which are neatly and logically arranged. They are also cataloged into different specific areas including: textbooks, economics and business, computer science, dictionary, fiction, culture-tourism, magazines and many other fields.


The E-library is run effectively with a modern computer system, high tech equipment and high speed Internet access. The enormous material sources best serve the demands of students, professors and staff, including e-documents, audio files, videos and photos…

The content in the E-library is carefully chosen. It is daily updated and supplemented in order to help students and staff to learn and keep up with the latest information, and to best serve study and research demand. The research tools in the library are conveniently designed to help students easily access electronic material sources as well as local and foreign websites with the latest suitable contents for students’ majors.

The comfortable, quiet and large space with modern, convenient facilities makes the SIU library not only an ideal learning environment but also the school’s culture center.

The SIU library has been effectively supporting the teaching and learning mission of all SIU’s students and teachers.

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