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How to make a Car Accident Claim in Seattle

Seattle is a busy place with lots of traffic; making the area more prone to auto accidents. They happen and probably more frequently than we would like and they can be serious as a result injuries are also likely. Because injuries can be so expensive, insurance companies will often try to reduce the amount of your claim leaving you with expensive medical bills. However, there are things that you can do when filing your claim to ensure that your rights are protected. 

Choose a good Lawyer 

It is always a good idea to have a lawyer in the Seattle area chosen so that when the time comes you can talk with them and get advice. Choosing a good Seattle lawyer can be hard to do. One of the best methods is to ask around. Ask your friends if they know of anyone. After you have a few suggestions. Arrange to meet the lawyer. You can go into the office and just tell that you are looking for a good lawyer and want to know why you should choose them. If you don’t like the answer you get go somewhere else. It is important that you trust your lawyer. 

Get Evidence 

Once you have a good Seattle car accident lawyer you are all set. If you do get in an accident it is important that you get good evidence. First off you have to get the information of the other driver. This is critical. It is also a good idea to keep a disposable camera in your car so you can take pictures of the accident and any injuries you receive, even bruises. Take pictures of any damage that was caused. After you have done that take down the name any number of any witnesses. These will be important when you are trying to defend your rights. 

Consult with a Lawyer 

After the accident you will want to consult with a Seattle based lawyer. Be sure to take all of the evidence that you have collected. He will know how to use it most effectively. He will likely send you to a physician to get an examination done that will be used in the claim. He will then go over your losses and help you understand what actions you can take to defend your rights. One of the common misconceptions is that only the driver can be compensated but even the passengers are entitled to compensation in the case of injury. 

A Washington Auto accident attorney can help you file a claim in the state of Washington. Most likely they can help you get the full balance of your coverage without having to go to court. It is worth seeing an auto accident claim lawyer even if you are not sure that you need them. They can explain your rights and help you know if you need to take action. The best part is most often their consultations are free. 

Being prepared is your best defense against being unjustly treated by your insurance company. Just remember these simple tips next time you find yourself in an accident. 

*** DISCLAIMER – The author of this article is not a lawyer and is not affiliated with any law firm. The ideas expressed here are not the official views of any organization that the author is affiliated with. *** 

Justin Grover – Client Account Specialist – 10x Marketing – If you live in Seattle please visit 

By 10x Marketing
Published: 6/3/2006


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